Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Don't worry, I'm just moving the site. My new site is here. I'll still have my patented sense of humor, plenty of links, and of course, ton of Orioles stuff. Update your bookmarks and links and come on by. Got some GOOD STUFF going here in the coming days. You'll thank me later!

Bobby O-breu

The O's front office's crush on Bobby Abreu continues. Getting Abreu or Pat Burrell for Rodrigo Lopez and a middle of the road prospect on the surface would a steal. Lopez isn't the future for the O's and Abreu/Burrell would provide protection in the line-up for Miggy. This seems completely unlikely. The Phils could get a lot more for Abreu than Rodrigo and a double A kid. I think this is more rumor than fact. If this deal was the table, I’m sure it’d be done already. . From the Sun:
Abreu, a 32-year-old right fielder and two-time All-Star, is in the third season of a five-year, $64 million deal. He is making $13 million this year, with $15 million due in 2007 and a $16 million club option in 2008 ($2 million buyout). Another source, however, said the club has received no indication that the left-handed-hitting Abreu would waive the clause -- especially without receiving a contract extension or a guarantee on the 2008 option).
Burrell is owed 32 million dollars and has a no trade clause. Apparently, he isn't eager to waive it to come to Baltimore, which doesn't upset me much. If we get Abreu, does this usher in a higher payroll team? Or will it be adding a big name to appease the fans? Give me some AAA kids (I doubt Lopez would net you a top prospect....but it depends on the market) will high upset and can be a foundation for this team. I won't be upset if we somehow get Abreu, but I think we need to get younger, not older. For the record, I don't think this deal will happen. Watch Rodrigo go to the Rangers or the Mets. Even as I type this, ESPN is saying that the Tigers are making a big push for Abreu. So I don't think we'll see Abreu in Orange and Black. "Hi, My name is Eddy Rodriguez. My control last night made Daniel Cabrera look like Greg Maddux." I disagreed with Perlozzo putting Eddy in after rain delay. Taking Ortiz out after the delay was not a bad move. In fact, I applaude it. But Rodriguez hasn't pitched in ten days and pitching him in the third isn't exactly to spot to pitch him at. What about Birkins for a couple innings. At least he didn't put Chen in.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

"What's round, white, and can travel 450 ft?"

A ball thrown by Bruce Chen. Feel free to use it today, Bruce. I'm running out of room, dude. Seriously, what does this guy have to do to be released? He's stunk all season, though stunk is certainly not a strong enough word. I've composed a list of things that is amply titled... Things Bruce Chen has done and still not been released for: -Bringing his pet ferret,Ernesto, into the locker room -Throwing chin music to the kids at the kids game -Putting Flintstone Vitamins in with Miggy's B-12 -Regularly wearing a Sammy Sosa jersey during warm-ups -Experimenting with switch pitching during a game -Pitching underhanded -Text messaging Jason Grimsley -Proclaiming that he's using pitching techniques taught to him by Jim Brower -Telling lame jokes last and not least... -Giving up 22 homers in 68.1 innings -and not winning a single game Another win last night, I missed it..but looks like Loewen did his best Daniel Cabrera impression. IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA 5.0 1 2 2 6 5 0 6.62 92 pitches, with 48 for strikes and a balk. It's a promising start....with that nice one hit. But just got ahead and insert everything I've said about Daniel Cabrera in here and that's my thoughts on Loewen. I'm staying in tonight and I get to see a clash of titans on the mound tonight... Esteban Loaiza vs. Russ Ortiz. Loaiza has not given up less than 4 runs in any start this season. Oritz has once. Even though it was only 2.1 inngs over the Giants with 3 walks. I'm predicting an offensive firework show tonight that'll rival your Fourth of July celebration. Anyone catch A-rod's show last night? 0-4 and 3 errors. Kind of funny when bad things happy to obscenely rich Yankees.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Ranger's/O's series thoughts

It's funny how the Orioles play with my emotions. I missed Thursday's game because I was out with some friends and I'm glad I did. When I saw the score, I was disgusted. 15-1. That's when I was thinking this team is horrible. I'm still completely befuddled...yes, BEFUDDLED by Daniel Cabrera (I hope some time in Triple-A gets his control and his head right). When I saw that Bruce Chen gave up 3 Homeruns, I was not surprised. But I am stunned he's still an Oriole. What does he have to do to be released? Friday's game was a heartbreaker. I got home to listen to the last 5 innings on XM. Kris Benson pitched his guts out, but for the second straight night the offense was DOA and that's when I was convinced an axe needed to be taken to this team. Pitching beats good hitting nine times out of ten, but when there's NO hitting for the team that has the good pitching, well...that's a tough loss to take. I was stuck at work all day Saturday and all of today, so I missed the two wins. Bedard was lights out again in an 8-1. I was down on Bedard at the end of last season and I was too upset when his name was mentioned in trade rumors. Could you image how things would have been if a Tejada/Bedard for Prior/Pie/Cedeno trade happened? It would be truly dark days for the O's...and us. Our offense would be as weak as a wet paperbag full of pennies and Kris Benson would be the lone bright spot of our rotation. from
During his six-game win streak, Bedard has a 1.07 ERA. He's given up 23 hits and walked nine over the 42-inning span, striking out 44. When Bedard began the win streak, his ERA was 5.60; it dropped to 4.02 after Saturday's victory.
Crazy good sick numbers. Today Rodrigo Lopez upped his traded value going 5 and 2/3 scoreless innings as the O's topped the Rangers 4-0. Tejada and Markakis hit homers today. Hate that I missed these the last two games. I'm getting excited about Markakis. He's struggled alot, but he's starting to really find his own now, batting .274. Although, if I see that Rodrigo is pitching, it's usually a green light to see what any of my friends are up to that day (though I do watch or listen to as many games as possible). So the series ends this weekend with a split, that was plenty ugly and plenty fine. This team's Jekyll and Hyde thing is wearing on me though. For a game or two they can't hit the water if they fell out of a boat and then the next night they'll crank out the hits. It's a very uneven...or rather inconsistent team. I really think this team could be a really good team if it addresses a few holes, as it stands now though, they could be .500 if a lot things go right. Hey, Former-Oriole Luis Matos is now a member of the Washington Nationals. No matter what he does there I'll never miss him because I know if he stayed an O, he'd bat .190 and stink it up if he stayed in Baltimore. Adam Loewen starts tomorrow against the A's. Should be an interesting watch. I'm watching the Mets and Cubs on ESPN and I have one question... DOES ANYONE CARE ABOUT THE ESPYS?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Ottawa or Bust

Big news today Daniel Cabrera and Sendy Rleal go to Ottawa and Adam Loewen and Eddy Rodriguez get called up. I think this is great move. Cabrera needs to get his head right and pitching in the minors would allow him to. Maybe he can get his control down and get his change up down. Loewen's pitched great in Triple-A, 2-0 and 1.27 ERA in 3 starts. Some other moves I think the O's should make 1. Release Bruce Chen. 2. Plug in Ortiz in the mop-up role 3. Trade Rodrigo Lopez. The Mets need a starter or two, so how about Diaz for Lopez? 4. Re-sign Brian Roberts 5. Keep Todd Williams on a short lease, and if he continues to give up runs, release him. 6. Wait on any Miggy trade til the off-season. 7. Trade Javy Lopez, LaTroy Hawkins, Jeff Conine, and Kevin Millar. 8. Trade for Ryan Shealy or another 1st base talent 9. Call up Hayden Penn as soon as he's healthy. 10.Shop Kris Benson around. You don't HAVE to trade him...but at this point the O's need to get younger and build w/ young talent. I missed last night's game and I'm glad I did.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Carlos Lee or Soriano

I LOVE the Sports Illustrated Truth and Rumors.
The Orioles have strong interest in free-agents-to-be Carlos Lee of the Brewers and the Nationals' Alfonso Soriano, but it's uncertain whether either of them will have interest in Baltimore. -- Washington Post
Here's the article. I don't know if this means if we are interested in trading for them or waiting til after the season and going after them. For the sake of what I'm writing, I'm going with via trade route. Carlos Lee in an Orioles uniform would make me a happy happy guy. BUT what are we going to trade for him? Are we going to mortgage the future for a couple months of Lee or Soriano? If a deal could get done, that's awesome. But if Lee or Soriano don't resign with the O's in the offseason, then we have nothing to show for it. Will they ever want to come here? Do I think it's likely? No. Loewen would HAVE to be a part of deal involving Lee or Soriano. If it could net either of these two and they could resign them, then I'd do it a heartbeat. The Nats and the Brewers want young players, so Rodrigo Lopez, Bruce Chen, and Javy Lopez wouldn't get them to pick up their phone. I think Soriano is a bit of a headcase, but after that horrible fiasco in Washington to start Spring Training, he's done and said the right things. Left Field for the O's has been a void for years. A Carlos Lee or Alfonso Soriano would be a Godsend. An unlikey one, but there's always a chance. Here's what our batting order would look like if this fantasy trade could somehow come true (I CAN NOT STRESS HOW UNLIKELY I THINK THIS IS TOO HAPPEN) and the Ryan Shealy trade. 2B Brian Roberts 3B Melvin Mora SS Miguel Tejada LF Carlos Lee C Ramon Hernandez DH Jay Gibbons 1B Ryan Shealy CF Corey Patterson RF Nick Markakis *In case of Soriano, I'd bat him second and move Mora and Tejada down a spot. Bench Fahey, Conine/Millar(whoever's left),Gomez (if not traded for spare parts),Terrero and whoever our back-up catcher is going to be once Javy Lopez is gone. That is a dream. Here's your obligatory Tejada rumor.
The Angels have made no secret of their interest in supplementing the offense with a powerful veteran hitter, with Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Lee, Miguel Tejada and Bobby Abreu among the candidates. To get one, though, Stoneman probably would have to surrender several top prospects. -- Los Angeles Times
If a trade(or fat contract in the offseason is waiting for) for Lee or Soriano is being tossed around, I say a Tejada trade would never happen. Carlos Lee or Soriano would be acquired to get Miggy happy.
Rebuffed in attempts to trade Sidney Ponson, the Cardinals are expected to officially part ways today with the pitcher. Ponson has attracted significant interest from the Yankees and Red Sox and could accept a bid from either club if he clears waivers. -- St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Sir Sid on the Yankees or the Red Sox? I hope it happens. I hope whoever signs him gets Matos too. I could hate them more.
Some members of the national media have speculated that Sam Perlozzo could be on the hot seat, but several high-ranking Orioles officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said the rookie manager has grown into his job and done nothing to put it in jeopardy. Orioles players also say they are firmly behind Perlozzo. -- Baltimore Sun
Perlozzo is safe. I'm sure for several reasons. 1) No Sam, then no Leo Mazzone. 2) If Perlozzo gets canned this quick, what manager in their right mind would want to come here? 3) Sam hasn't even managed a full season.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Why the Royals Stink

Went to the Drive game today. I love a day game. The Asheville Tourists and their crazy manager were in town. No outbursts happened. But it was an offensive show. The Drive won 11-5. In his first game for the Drive, infielder Mickey Hall homered twice and had another that was almost number three. Nice debut. If he keeps that up, he won't be in Greenvile long. The All-Star game was OK last night. I worked a long day yesterday and decided to watch it. I thought the score would have been higher, but it was a good game. Brad Penny, who I was surprised was starting, was impressive striking out the side to start the game. Chin music to Jeter at 99 mph? priceless. The Trade Deadline is coming soon and the Huff to the Astros trade for prospects happened today. Good deal for the Astros. I'm sure Huff will help their anemic offense. The D-Rays got prospects, and I'm sure the Rays made sure they got some talent. I'm sure the O's are looking to make some deals, some involving young prospects. It's a crapshoot sometimes with prospects, some pan out, some don't. Look at the case of the Royals. They had Jermaine Dye, Johnny Damon, and Carlos Beltran. What did they get for him? Nothing much. Of course, the Royals have a front office that makes the Orioles front office look like geniuses. An outfield of Damon, Beltran, and Dye and you can't get a single star for them? Embarassing. What did the Royals get for these three All-Stars? For Beltran, Mike Wood, Mark Teahen, John Buck and Cash For Dye, Neifi Perez For Damon, Angel Berroa, Roberto Hernandez, and AJ Hinch AJ Hinch played 2 forgettable seasons in KC. So unforgettable that I haven't heard of him until today. Here's proof that he did play in KC Berroa is still with the Royals. Five seasons, .272 average. Hernandez recorded 54 saves over 2 seasons with the Royals before hightailing it out of there. Neifi Perez is not a good player. His glove has gotten him by over the years. Over a season and 1/3rd Perez batted .238 for the Royals. John Buck is still with the Royals. I don't know much about Buck, but he's batting a collective .239 over the past two seasons. He's a catcher, so maybe he's a good defensive catcher. I'd hope so at least. Mike Wood is still with the Royals. But his numbers definately didn't floor me. Teahen is still in the minors. Batting a robust .380 in Omaha. You want to know why the Royals are bad? Stuff like that.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Let me clean the blood from ears...

I HATE BIG AND RICH. What is this? A clown in a stupid hat and some other idiots who can't sing? What a coup snapping these guys up. I can not believe they were available. Where the Rembrandts booked already?

Mid-Term Report Card

Yesterday's sloppy 5-4 win over the Indians marked the half-way mark for the season. The O's now sit at 41-49 at the All-Star break. Injuries have taken their toll on the Orioles. Brian Roberts, Jay Gibbons, Daniel Cabrera, Javy Lopez, Todd Williams, Chris Gomez, and David Newhan are the most notable on the O's DL this season. Outfield- Corey Patterson has been a surprise in center. When we got him for Single A spare parts, I thought it was a nice low-risk pick-up. Then the season started and he got off to a wretched start, part of which was due to being glued to the bench. With injuries to David Newhan and Former Oriole Luis Matos (How nice it is to type those words), Patterson got playing time by default and ran with it. With the exception of yesterday, he plays great defense. He's made several spectacular catches this season. He's been a nice surprise, but I want to see how the second half of his season goes before I get too excited. Nick Markakis has finally found his groove in Right. His average has jumped to .268 over the course of the last few weeks. I think his strong spring rushed him to the O's when maybe he should have started the season in Ottawa, but that's too late now and it looks like he's gonna be ok. So where does Nick play when Jay Gibbons comes back? Jay's been plagued by injuries since that crash into Anahiem's outfield wall. I like Jay's bat (10 HR and 29 RBI in 48 games), but his defense is average at very best. I hope the second half ushers in the era of Jay Gibbons-DH or 1st baseman. Nick looks like he's found his groove in Right Field and that's where he should stay. Left field is a revolving door with Jeff Conine, Ed Rodgers (who was thankfully sent back to Ottawa today), Brandon Fahey, the ex-Oriole Luis Matos, Luis Terrero, and Kevin Millar have played there this season. Conine's defense scares me. Ed Rodgers can be an error waiting to happen. Terrero is 0-17 so far. Fahey, I like. Outfield is not his position, but anyway to get him in the line-up, I'm in favor of. the former Luis Matos? Good luck in KC, Pittsburgh, or wherever you end up. Grades- LF- D CF- B RF- w/ Markakis Incomplete w/ Gibbons- B- DH Javy Lopez has been a disappointment this season. The great first base experiment ended abruptly and has been the primary DH, except when he catches for his bro Rodrigo. A recent a surge has him at a .280 average with only 7 dingers and 29 RBI. Javy has been on the DL for a stint and won't be an O much longer if the front office can find any takers. I've been a fan of Javy since his Braves days, but I think his stint as an Oriole has been less than memorable. When and if he gets traded I'll delve into this more. Grade- C- (the Cleveland series kept him from getting a D) Kevin Millar has DHed when Javy hasn't. a .248 average w/ 6 HR and 33 RBI isn't impressive, but I like Millar. He's second behind Brian Roberts (31) for walks with his 30. Say what you will about his average, Millar can work a count. Besides, this was a CLUBHOUSE PRESENCE signing. Anything else is supposed to be gravy. Grade- C 1st It's been first base by commitee. Javy Lopez was supposed to be the first baseman this season, but that didn't work out in spring training. So it's been the two-headed monster of Conine and Millar or better known as Conlar. Conlar is an aging two headed monster at first. I remember the epic depths Conine started the season with. With a .050 batting average and an eye for a pop-out, I seethed at the meer mention of the name of Jeff Conine. BUT Conine has fared well of late. I hope this ups his trade value and he'll be able to fetch the O's some spare parts at the deadline. Millar's defense at first has been a little spotty. Conlar is a stop-gap for the fact that we have no other solution at first. Grade- C 2nd Brian Roberts so far has a .298 average with 1 HR and 33 RBI (and 22 games missed) has put in another fine season. There's no one else I'd rather have batting lead-off and playing second base. Roberts has 22 stolen bases (second to Corey's 31) has shown that he's healed from his injury. Grade- A SS Will he be traded? Is there a Grimsley link? Is he hurt? I'm tired of all the Tejada questions. Tejada has been great on offense with a .315 average 17 HR and 61 RBI, his defense has been lacking. His range has suddenly become limited. I wonder if there's an injury that he's not talking about. Why would his range so suddenly shrink? There's not much hustle either. He runs about as fast to first sometimes like he's got a piano tied to his back. The next few weeks should be interesting. Grade- B 3rd Good old reliable Melvin Mora. Maybe the contract extension was a year too much, but hey, it's Melvin. He plays good defense at 3rd and swings a pretty good bat. He's been a little more prone to the slump lately, but he's still on pace for 22 HR and 88 RBI, which would equal last year's total of RBI. Grade- B C Well to Baltimore, Ramon Hernandez. Ramon's been a welcomed addition to the Orioles. Not really known for his offense, he's heading towards a career year in all offensive catagories. He's got a cannon for an arm, throwing out 28 of 56 steal attempts. He's going to have career highs in errors and passed balls, but that's the price you pay for working with Daniel Cabrera. Grade-A Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll run down the pitching.
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